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The work centres around two distinct disciplines, painting and sculpting, both intellectually complementary. Rodney succeeds in transmitting a spiritual analysis that touches our profound sensibilities. This is accomplished with a purity of line and simplicity of form, which transcends a wide range of textures and subtle balanced colours, always searching and aiming towards the light. This shows us at what point the artist attains the depths of the human soul. From this strength of expression flows a force and wisdom... Although someone not liking categories he works in two parallel ways "Abstract" & "Abstract Symbolism". A theme that started in1980, -"Human Emotions"- evolves symbolically around our everyday lives. This encapsulates what is essential to us, the family, our children and the people close to us, and hopefully, the planet. The oval recurs incessantly in his work and it passes by a multitude of transformations. The egg form symbolising the beginning of life… The ecological content in his work is a reminder of our overall responsibilities to our environment now and in the future. This has become a matter of great urgency. It is well summed up in the painting, “Prise de Conscience Pour la Planète” (4m x 1m95). He has been criticised for what seems, at first look, to be an inconsistency in method and effect when comparing one painting with another? This is not surprising for as he says, “it’s the subject that is important (Human Warmth or more simply Human Feelings) and that is as you know far from being monotone”. He is also quoted as saying, “Our multiple moods cannot possibly be depicted with one palette”. So with that in mind, using colour to set the mood and texture to give it depth each work, painting or sculpture, has its proper life. Portraying, symbolically the facets of our human existence, sometimes joyful, sometimes sensual, sometimes sad but staying within the confines of the overall theme.

SOME FAVOURITE QUOTATIONS “All art should have a certain mystery and should make demands on the spectator… Everyone thinks that he or she looks but they don’t really, you know.” HENRY MOORE. "The earth does not belong to man; it is man that belongs to the earth." SITTING BULL "After the last tree has been cut down, after the last river has been poisoned, after the last fish has been caught, only then will you understand that money cannot be eaten." WHITE CLOUD "Because when I say successful I mean he plays well and he likes what he's playing. That's success." ANDRE PREVIN talking about his rock guitarist son


1992AIX-en-PROVENCE, 1st Major personal Exhibition in France, "Galerie La Prévôté"
1979UK, Won major championships driving Hackney Horses
1970EXETER, Whimple, Set up "Woodbeer Perriton", making horse drawn carriages, exported world wide, USA, Australia, Japan, France, Belgium...
1960EXETER, Started his long creative career as a Lithographic /Graphic Artist, at James Townsend & Sons, Exeter College of Art & The London College of Printing.

 Rodney Goodwin Salter

Born in the village of Ide near Exeter Devon, (England) 2nd August 1945 he grew up with an extremely inquisitive mind in a contented family background. From a comparatively early age he had a place in which he could work on his multiple projects. Designs, inventing gadgets, whatever the motivation was of the day. There was nothing he liked more than to be working alone in what was ostensibly, his Garden Shed. Although in winter he would bring (if at all possible) whatever he was working on into the sitting room where his mother, a very tolerant soul, would let him chisel, saw, stick and glue. It is not surprising then, with his dislike of mathematics*; that he excelled in every other subject, including working different materials, metal, and wood on one hand and painting, creating art on the other. Drawing was his force as a child; he could always think three dimensionally, in technical drawing or in portraying with light and shade on paper or canvas, whatever the inspiration or subject might be.  

In 1961 he started on the long professional learning curve as a “Lithographic artist” with the printers, James Townsend & Sons. In effect it was a graphic studio and at that time all originals were hand drawn, including, all lettering and illustrations as well as the technique of lithography. Rodney would hand-draw original designs, lettering and illustrations including such iconic images as the “Babycham” leaping chamois. During this period he spent time at the “Exeter College of Art” under the tutelage of Alan Fishwick, for fine art and Ruth May Woods for lettering and calligraphy. Finally, at the latter part of this very rounded training he attended for some months the London College of Printing, at the Elephant & Castle. This lasted for almost eight years.

Frustrated by lack of freedom to create Rodney moved out of the drawing office and into the workshop. Having thoroughly researched techniques used by wheelwrights, carriage builders and blacksmiths, he set up, “Woodbeer Perriton” to build bespoke horse-drawn carriages. He also trained Hackney Horses winning many championships. The artist’s eye for purity of line was paramount. His artistic creativity would come into play, so much so, that he would refer to the, “équipages élégants” (elegant turnout) as sculpture in movement… Many of these are still in use, including two which carry dignitaries at the Tokyo racecourse. Some are now changing hands at good prices in specialist auctions.

This experience gave him the necessary grounding, although diverse, to at last return to his hearts desire, pure art… Rodney sees his lack of formal art college education as an advantage for he, as a free thinker, is not constrained by any boundaries of training. Self expression and originality is manifest in his work.

*a final word on mathematics; in later life he went on to design and construct projects needing complicated technical calculations. Putting into action the adage, if you want to, you can… Summing up, it was more a case of maths, as a subject, didn’t interest him…

"This race and this country and this life produced me, he said. I shall express myself as I am. ».... James Joyce..

WORKS of ART in private collections: Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, U.S.A., Canada, Chile, China (Shanghai).















Exhibition History

2019 SeptSOREZE, France, 20th Salon d'Automne, group exhibition
2018 SeptSOREZE, France, Salon d'Automne, group exhibition
2016 Aug/SeptST FELIX DE LAURAGAIS, France, Château de St Felix de Lauragais, Hte Garonne, Aug/Sept
2014TOULOUSE, France, "Whart Galerie", 4 Rue Amelie 1000, Toulouse. Permanent representation.
2013 MayGRANTHAM, Lincs, UK, "Union Interiors & Garden Yard", Grantham, NG31 6NZ, Permanent Representation
2011 DecHOLT, Norfolk, UK, "Picturecraft Gallery"
2011 OctWOODSTOCK, Oxfordshire, UK, "The Oxfordsire Museum"
2011 MayWINGWELL, Rutland, UK, "Artdejardin"
2010 OctWOODSTOCK, Oxfordshire, UK, "Art in Woodstock"
2010PETERBOROUGH, UK, "Norman Cross Gallery", Oct 2 - Nov 14
2008SHANGHAI, China, "Gallery Cinquini"
2008SHANGHAI, China, "The Shanghai Art Fair" 10-14 September
2008DRAGUIGNAN, France, "Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires"
2008BARGEMON, France, personal exhibition, "Prise de Conscience..."
2007MARSEILLE, France, "British Artists in Provence", "Galerie La Cadrerie"
2007BARGEMON, Personal exhibition, "Museum Camos"
2006BARGEMON, France, Personal Exhibition, "Studio Gallery"
2004BARGEMON, Personal Exhibition, "Mairie" (Town Hall)
2004MENERBES, France, Group Exhibition, "Galerie Castelain-Bassetti"
2003MANOSQUE, France, Personal Exhibition, "Studio 28"
2002MANOSQUE, France, Group Exhibition, "Fondation Carzou"
2001MANOSQUE, France, personal Exhibition, "Human Emotions" GH Versailles
2000MANOSQUE, France, Group Exhibition, "Galerie des 4 Mains"
2000MANOSQUE, France, group Exhibition, "Bibliothèque Nationale"
2000LYON, France, Group Exhibition, "Arts Inters"
2000ARLES, France, Group exhibition, "Rencontres-Franco Britanniques" Chapelle St Anne
1999ARLES, France, Group Exhibition, Arts Inters
1998LYON, France, Group Exhibition, Arts Inter, "Mairie 3ème Arrond"
1998BORDEAUX, France, Exhibition on the theme of "The Football World Cup"
1996AIX-en-PROVENCE, France, Personal Exhibition, "Maison de St Victoire"
1995LOURMARIN, France, Personel Exhibition, "Le Moulin de Lourmarin"
1995MARSEILLE, France, Group Exhibition, "Galerie Galaxie"
1995MARSEILLE, France, Group Exhibition, "Galerie Les Amis Corses"
1995AIX-en-PROVENCE, France, "Office de Tourisme"
1994LOURMARIN, France, Group Exhibition, "Association du Roi René"
1992AIX-en-PROVENCE, France, First major personal exhibition in France, "Galerie La Prévôté"