rodney SALTER

"Prise de Conscience"


  •  P DE C

Introduction and Philosophy

The sculpture is based on themes very close to all our hearts and our very existence. It implicates the planet earth, our relationship to it and what we as a species, are doing to it . It begins with the appreciation of our beautiful world and the realisation that although it is large by our scale, it is a finely tuned entity. There is no help coming from outside our solar system if we upset the balance.

We are solely responsible for its preservation.

 “Ecological Conscience”… acts speak louder than words, think globally, act  locally... Rodney Salter

P de CThe oval shape of the bronze piece represents the egg, the beginning of life. For me it is the purest form and one that has been a major source of inspiration for the last 30 years. Art should speak to you personally so I try not to explain my thoughts and meanings.  Making this an exception; within its pure form is contained a series of symbols, the ovals within an oval. To me they simply represent the family. From one side there is the father and mother; from the other, the mother and two children.